"Beautiful food, everyday."


Our Story: 

Inspired by the pure exhilaration of feeding a film crew at 10,000ft, Edible Planet was created in 1994 to serve healthy and delicious food to the film industry. Twenty-five years later, two adventurous women have grown a team of over sixteen.

Our chefs are diverse and creative and come to us with many talents. We support their adventures and provide a workplace that allows for balance in their lives, such that, many of our chefs have worked with Edible Planet since the early years. We also encourage their professional development so we have trained sommeliers, a macrobiotic chef, professional bakers, an ice cream maker, an award winning chili maker and several personal chefs amongst our team.

Through out the industry, we have been known for our good food, but more importantly we continue to be committed to using local and seasonal produce and providing excellence in customer service.

We believe good food, great people, and a little beauty will take you a long way!